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ride with confidence

a new generation of stirrups better. safer. beautiful.

The ophena experience

Riders love ophena because of a feeling that is hard to describe. The magnetic bond keeps you safe and gives you a feeling of ease. Get on in a breeze, be more connected than ever, ride safe and get off effortlessly. Don’t hesitate, you need to try it. That’s what we call the Ophena Experience.

Think less. Feel more. Ride with confidence.

How Ophena works


Slide the magnetic insole in your riding boots



Attach the Ophena stirrup to your saddle (you can use your existing stirrup leather)



Be safe and enjoy the Ophena Experience – a magnetic connection between your riding boots and the stirrups. 



Four Reasons for Ophena


Superior Connection

Experience the best ride with Ophena’s invisible magnets. Ophena comes with insoles, which you simply put inside your riding boots. Fixed within seconds – absolutely hassle-free. The magnets give you additional grip – regardless of the whether conditions. You can relax your legs and ride with ease. We promise, the feeling is superior!


Open Safety

There are many so called safety stirrups out there, but their reliability is questionable. We simply know too many riders who were severely injured due to a fail of their stirrups’ safety mechanisms. We believe that a safety stirrup must never break, release the foot when the rider falls and be soft to the rider’s joints. That was the starting point of our development and is the most integral part of Ophena.

Due to Ophena’s totally open design, there is no safety mechanisms that could fail. The magnetic attraction will release in case of an accident and helps relax the rider’s legs and feet, which brings higher comfort and more flexibility.


Easy Mounting

Your time is invaluable. And mounting stirrups just takes too long. With Ophena’s big opening you don’t have to detach the hole leather band, since you can easily slide the metallic buckle through it. Suddenly mounting becomes easy and quick.

Further, due to its carefully adjusted weight and the twisted mounting hole, Ophena remains in a perfectly stable position, waiting for you to enter and get going.


Premium Quality

Swedish Design. Made from a one-steel body. Tested to the highest standards. 

Ophena you can trust.

Open Safety

Why should we try to minimise the chance of getting caught? When we can eliminate it.